Friday, August 31, 2012

My Joys

My journey through this life has been marked with many things.....heartache, growth, love, sadness, laughter, and bonds, (no, not bail bonds!).  One thing, however, remains constant and that is my Joys.  My Joys include my husband, Barry, my precious children, Jorden, Emily (often referred to as Em or Emmy), and Luke, my sweet friends, family, and my love-Jesus.  I have little joys too...morning coffee, Italian food, cheeseburgers, sunrises, sunsets, mascara, lotions, candles, and MANY more......

Barry and I have been married for 17+ years. We have gone through many things together. Some times are covered in tears, other times are bathed in laughter.  I would not trade one experience with my man, for these are the things that make us who we are-together and apart. 

My children are 16, 12, and 9. When my first babe, Jorden, was two months old, the pediatrician told us that he had a heart murmur.  His was not an innocent murmur. He had surgery when he was six months old and again when he was 4 1/2. My mama heart still tightens as I think about what my sweet boy went through. He is a trooper and I'm so proud to be his mama. He is a healthy stud now and I'm ever grateful to God for letting me have him. ( I will post the details of his surgeries soon.)  

Yippie!!!!!!! We found out yesterday afternoon that Emmy made the volleyball team at her school.  I am so proud of her!!  She has worked her buns off for this. I am looking forward to games and cheering my girl on. She had to be at practice by 6:10 this morning. Barry took her and then sent me this text.....Our girl is too cute walking in looking like a little athlete. Whoosh!  That text swelled my heart and caused my face to be painted with a smile that couldn't be erased. My smile represented my love for our girl and knowing that she is getting to do what she LOVES.  My heart swelled because what more could I want for my daughter?She has a daddy who adores her and takes the time to notice how absolutely precious she is. 

Jorden works at a yogurt shop. He was scheduled to work at 1 today.  He was able to work that shift because he doesn't have afternoon classes on Fridays.  He called me to let me know he was on his way to work. I told him I was craving a plain yogurt with fruit and granola. He said I could go into the shop when he got there because he thinks it's cool when I go in. Pinch me now!!  Am I still on the "cool" radar with my teenager!?!?  Ok, I must be honest.  There are numerous times I'm on the lame list, but today I made the cool list!  I'm savoring the sweetness. Man, I love that kid!!

My little guy, Luke, rocks this world!!  He is one of the sweetest little munchkins. His smile is beautiful and his blonde hair shines in the sun. Ask him who his hero is and I'm certain he would say Jorden. The bond they share is ridiculously awesome!  Their bond does not exclude Em at all. The way the three love each other melts my heart. Oh my goodness they can squabble with the best of them, but at the end of the day they have each other's backs. 

Much love to everyone! 
Marci :)