Monday, September 24, 2012

Emily and Craig Biggio

Emily was so excited to eat lunch and hang out with Craig Biggio, former Houston Astros baseball player, at school today.  Her friend, Riley, won a contest through the Houston Chronicle and one of her prizes was to eat lunch with Biggio and invite friends to join her.  He brought them Whataburger and Emily thought that was super cool.  She said she will never throw her cup away.  She said he was really nice and made the girls laugh.

He brought each girl a signed hat, which Emily said will go next to her Whataburger cup on her desk.  She had him sign her Vera Bradley phone case.  This shocked me because she is very particular about her case!  She must of thought he was pretty cool stuff to actually let him write on it.  :-)

A news reporter from a local channel and a reporter from the Houston Chronicle were at the school to video and interview Biggio and Riley.  Emily cracked me up as she told the story of how huge video cameras were taping them as they ate and as they walked down the hall.  She imitated how the videographers walked right in front of them.  I laughed and told her that's what they do to famous people. :-)  I hope to see it on the news tonight so I can see if my girl was eyeing the videographer and letting him know to back it up a bit. 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.  May we snuggle with our families tonight and be grateful that they are OUR famous people. :-)