Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot diggity dog....without the concession stand

My baby girl had her first volleyball scrimmage last night.  Let me just say....this mama heart was swollen with pride!!  I am soooo proud of her.  She looked as cute as can be with her little athletic self sported up.  Her team did not wear their uniforms because it wasn't a "real" game.  However, she did get her official uniform yesterday and was carrying it around like it was the winning ticket.  I told her her costume was super cute.  I got the look!!  Uniform...whatever!! Her postion is right front setter.  She figured that would be her postition because she needs a step stool to reach items in the cabinet! Seriously, she is not that short, there are just some players who are taller.  Anyway, she told me that one of her teammates said that she was beast at setting.  I was offended for her.  That's not very nice I told her.  She told me it was a great compliment and to put it in my language that means groovy.  GROOVY.....really????  I'm not that old!!  That's gonna be my new word. Love it!!  I'm bringing it back Brady Bunch style..... :-)
My boys were really excited to watch their sister play.  They have watched her grow as a player and cheered her on as she practiced FOREVER in 100+ degree weather on our driveway.  They have watched her play numerous Saturday games and dropped her off at volleyball camps.  Besides her madiddy and padiddy (her names for mom and dad...don't ask me!) the boys have been her best cheerleaders.  I'm not going to lie though....they were pretty excited to visit the concession stand!  Candy....oh yeah baby!!!

Well......I wasn't aware that at scrimmages there are NO concession stands.  I told them that was terrible and I would treat them to Chick-fil-A after the game.  They thought the idea rocked!!  Score one for mama!!!....chick-fil-A for my little chickens and no cooking late for me! 

Emily did great during the scrimmage.  She admitted that her nerves were on steroids and she was shaking during the entire first game.  I assured her that it was not obvious and that she rocked it.  I was impressed with the team and the coach.  They worked together really well and the coach is great with the girls. 
My boys didn't complain about being bored one time during our two hour sit.  However, this was them at the end of the game.....

Thank goodness for my iPhone is all I have to say!!!!