Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hurts and healing

 A person I love recently said some things that cut me to the core.  I'm not sure if the intention was to hurt me, but it certainly left my head spinning and my heart aching.  It actually stopped me in my tracks and left me questioning myself.  It's funny, there are times that I'm cruising along the path of life with the wind blowing through my hair and the radio turned up full force.  I think I am doing an awesome job with all of my responsibilities and then one phrase can cause me to nose dive and crash into the ground. 

As I sit here thinking of my heart, I'm wondering who gets to define me.  Is it my past?  The people who are supposed to love me, but are not capable of love?  The things and responsibilities I get right? No, I've decided none of these things gets to define who I am.  Boy, they sure want to sometimes.  They cut in line and stand in front with heads held high and blinking lights that scream to win out.  Some scream that I'm not good enough, while others-mainly my pride over a great accomplishment-scream that I'm a rockstar. 

When the dust settles and I am able to catch my breath, I realize that only Jesus gets to define me.  He calls me daughter and loved.  He knows my heart when others only claim to.  Yes, there will be many times that my heart aches, many times I crash to the ground in pain, but I hope that each time this happens, I will look up through my pain and see Jesus offer me His hand.  May I reach out and take it and let Him pull me up to His love.   
Notice the dark clouds and the cloud that is shining brightly on top.  This photo reminds me of life.  When dark clouds threaten to consume us, we can be assured that the Light of the world is right there with us.

May you be filled with the knowledge that Jesus heals all broken hearts.