Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

I really love writing and inspiring.  It brings me great joy to share my faith with others.  I have learned to let go of many hurts, fears, judgements, and expectations because I learned to walk with Christ.  This in no way means I am perfect or live a perfect life.  I am human and, therefore, I sin, worry, have fears, have judgements, and hurt others.  I hope, though, that through all of those things, I will choose the way of Christ.  May I keep Him in front of me rather than in the background. 

I have decided to write an inspirational piece each Wednesday.  I hope it touches you and causes reflection. 

Psalm 139:14.....I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well.

We were created by God, plain and simple.  In Genesis, we are told that we are created in His image.  Often times, we forget that God made us just the way He wanted.  We are nothing but beautiful to Him.  We buy into what society sees as perfect and good.  We play the comparison game, the if only game.  Interestingly, everyone has some issue with his or her body.  No one is 100% happy from head to toe.  I say it's time we step back and see what God sees.  He sees remarkable people.  He sees beauty.  As He looks down upon us, He calls us His own.  God sees more than the outside, He sees our hearts.  I believe, however, even if He just saw the outside, He would be overwhelmed with love for us.  I challenge you and I challenge me to let go of our hang ups, let go of what society sees as perfect and good and embrace God's view of us.  Hold your head up high and know that you are remarkably and wonderfully made.  May we all know that we are loved and cherished beyond measure by our Creator.