Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 days of love...day 16 (Friendship)

Friendship comes in many different packages.  I used to think a friend was someone you spent a lot of time with.  Someone who you spoke with often.  I have learned, however, that there are many different kinds of friendships and all are meaningful.

The various friendships I have all add something to my life.  There are some friends I know I can count on to cry with, some I know will make me laugh, some I know will be at my doorstep before I even finish asking for help, and some I know will send me an email or text of encouragement. I pray that I enrich their lives as well. 

Regardless of what our friendships look like, we are called to love at ALL times.  This is not just a suggestion from God, it is how He designed friendship.  Just as Jesus loves us at all times, we, too, must do the same.  This is easy to do when all is well.  However, because we are all human, there are times when we will have to forgive and give grace. 

Please don't misunderstand me.  I have been in friendships that are unhealthy.  I have had women want me to be their caretaker.  If I didn't call every other day they would become offended.  God did not call us to be a savior to anyone.  God designed friendship around love.  Dysfunction is never love my friend.

Let's celebrate our many friendships today.  May we let our friends know how dear they are to us.  You all, my sweet blogging girls, have enriched my life in so many ways.  When I began blogging I never dreamed of the friendships I would gain.  My life is truly blessed to know all of you.  Thank you Jesus for the blessing of friendship.