Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 days of 28 (God's comfort)

Someone I love is experiencing deep hurt and loss.  My heart aches for this person and all I can do is wrap my arms around her and let her cry.  Honestly, I feel so inadequate.  I wish I could take this pain from her.  It greatly hurts my heart to see her in such pain. 

This verse brings me comfort and the realization that I am doing exactly what God intends for me to do.  I am loving on her.  By my Father's example, I am able to wrap my arms around her and let her feel the comfort of love.  While this may not eliminate her pain, it does reinforce that she is not alone. 

I think on the many times that I have had pain in my life.  When I have reached out to God, He has loved me through it.  The pain may not have instantly vanished, but His love left me feeling protected. 

Do you know someone who is currently going through a valley?  God models for us how to love and comfort those around us.  Let's reach out to hurting people, wrap our arms around them, and drench them with the love that God so willingly shares with us.