Monday, October 29, 2012

31 days of 29 (It's all good)

As I read this verse, I think upon the many things in my life that I was certain were going to cause me to give up.  When I handed my oldest over to have open heart surgery, I was devasted.  I could barely breath.  I was on my knees grateful that he did well during the surgery and after.  However, for it to be used for good was not something I could imagine. 

Honestly, I still can be consumed with worry and fear when I think about his heart.  Any difference in breathing will cause my stomach to flip flop.  God, however, is always true to His Word.  He turned this experience, as well as numerous others, into something good.  My compassion for parents with sick children is something I cannot control.  I can't help but reach out with everything I have to help a parent in need.  When I hear of a child facing a heart surgery, I am on my knees in prayer and my eyes flood with tears.  Due to this overwhelming desire to pray and help others, I have met a dear friend.  She is my friend whose grandson was given a Berlin heart and he is awaiting a heart transplant.  I read her story and I had to contact her.  It turns out that we have so much in common.  She has become very dear to me and I have grown to love her.  God used the heartwrenching experience with my son to bring me a true friend and a compassionate heart that can't be contained.  

God can, and will, work things for good for those who love Him.  His love for us is so immense that He turns something dreadful into something beautiful.  

What has God used for good in your life?  I praise Him for all that He does.  As we face hard times, may we be certain that He will turn our valley into a beautiful mountain of opportunity.  Praise Him dear sister, He is up to something great in your life right now.