Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 days of love...day 30 (Freedom)

What does it really mean?  It is more than a word, it is a way of life. Freedom in Christ means you have been set free from the chains of strongholds and destructive thinking and living.

Prior to truly living in Christ and for Christ, I was a prisoner to numerous strongholds.  I feared rejection and loneliness.  I lived a life in constant search of love.  I was insecure and desperately seeking approval.  Aka...I was miserable.

Jesus reached down and saved me from me.  He cleared my head and my heart and made it available for true love that only comes from knowing my Savior.  As I fell to my knees in awe of His love, I was released from the chains I had grown accustomed to.  He cleansed me and set me free. 

As I reflect back on my life as a prisoner, I am amazed at how different my life is now.   I am free to be me and love my Jesus with a passion.  I no longer feel the chains cutting into my flesh and being left to gasp for air.  I am able to breath in the beautiful scent of my Savior's love and know, without a doubt, that my worth comes from Him.  There is no longer a desire to search for love.  Praise Jesus, it is ingrained into my soul. 

If you feel chained to a stronghold, Jesus can, and will, set you free.  His love unlocks the chains and sets you free to soar in His all powerful love.   Photobucket