Thursday, October 11, 2012

A little bit of everything Thursday

EXCITING....did you notice I got a new blog design?  Traci, the woman who created it for me, was more than fabulous.  If you are interested in a new design, her button is on the right side of my blog down a bit. 

5 things you probably don't know about me:

1.  I am an early riser.  Sleeping in for me is 7:30am.
2.  My all time favorite dessert is a basic birthday cake.  Pair it with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and you might just hear me squeal!
3.  My favorite city is NYC.  I am a people watcher (another thing about me thrown in!) and what better place to watch all sorts of people.  I also love that I get to walk most places - more cake for me please!
4.  I am a natural red head with payed for blond highlights.  None of my children have one strand of red hair. 
5.  My favorite color is navy blue.  Our wedding was even navy blue.  The other day my husband was certain our wedding had been green...really?!  Hey, he remembers all of our names so I guess that's what counts.   :-)

On Monday it was in the high 60's in Houston.  Luke was home recovering from his cold.  He asked if he could go in the backyard to get some fresh air.  Absolutely, who doesn't like fresh air.  I finished what I was doing in the kitchen and decided to join him.  I couldn't believe he was in the pool!!  He shivered as he told me it definitely was not cold.  I giggled as I watched him get out and run to the towels we have outside.  Oh, the pursuit of being manly starts so young. :-)

On Sunday Emily and I ran to the store to grab a few items to make dinner.  When we got back into our Suburban, it wouldn't start.  Luckily, we live about one minute from the store so my husband came and rescued us.  He jump started it and we were on our way.  The next morning it wouldn't start again.  No surprise there.  It would need to be taken to get a new battery.  My wonderful husband didn't need to be at work until later so he drove away to save the day.  My battery and starter proved to be in perfect working order.  He drove it home and it has yet to die since.  Puzzling, to say the least.  Wonder if I'll get stranded somewhere soon??  Thank goodness for sweet friends to rescue me if I need them (just in case my dear friends are reading this I'm buttering them up....just kidding, kinda!)

Jorden gets to come home for lunch between classes.  I love our 20 minutes together.  He usually reads the paper and listens to a political talk show while eating.  The conversation between us isn't really conversation at all.  That's ok, I don't mind.  I just enjoy staring at his teenage face.  Won't be long before he is away at college.  This mama will take what she can get!

I'm not sure if Emily will play in her volleyball game tonight.  She jammed her thumb yesterday and as of this morning her pain was high.  She is one tough cookie - once got 7 stitches in her head and never cried.  If she says it hurts, it must really hurt.  Her coach said it was up to her and she wouldn't push her.  I really appreciate that.  I think she gets my girl and that is refreshing to her mama!

Look!!  A tree in Houston, Texas is changing colors.  Be still my heart, fall is coming.  I won't burst my bubble and show you all of the really green trees around it.  For a moment, let's concentrate on this one particular tree.  :-)

Ok, I think I'm done for now.  ;-)Photobucket