Friday, October 19, 2012

Bomb scares and thankfulness

I was supposed to take Emily and a friend to the Texas A&M volleyball game tonight in College Station.  The girls were really excited to see some action and the Aggie players were going to sign autographs after the match.  Sweeet!  Emily attended a camp this summer and had some great training by girls on the team.  She was shaking in her shoes excited!  One player in particular played volleyball at the high school she will attend.  Needless to say, she is Emily's FAVORITE player.  She knew just where she wanted her to sign her volleyball.

UUUGGGHHH!!...I received a message on my phone around noon that said the campus had been evacuated due to a bomb scare.  All activities and classes were being cancelled.  Boo!!  I had to break the news to her when I picked her up.  She was no longer a happy camper!  We decided we would give it until 3 o'clock. (by the got out at 12:15 today)  College Station is a couple of hours away and the game was scheduled to start at 6pm.  By 3 the threat was still in place and no activities were taking place on the campus.  At 4:30 the campus was opened back up. 

Unfortunately, we will not make the game tonight.  The good news is the players will get to play and the campus is safe again.  On to plan the next visit to the campus! 

Listed are my 5 things I am thankful for this week. 

1.   My friend's grandson received the Berlin heart and is doing very well.  I am so thankful that we live in a day where medical advancements go above and beyond what we can imagine. 

2.   My friend Michelle had her twin boys and they are precious beyond words!!  She and her husband named them Jack and Liam.  They are now a beautiful family of...6.  By the way, I got to hold little Liam.  Oh how I love babies!!!!  I came home telling Barry, "I waaaaaaaaaant another one!!!!!"  I think his laughter means no....

3.   Exchanging emails with my friend Molly who moved to Switzerland a year and a half ago.  Boo, hoo how I miss her!!!  We are so blessed to be able to email, skype, and even call each other. 

4.   Watching my girl play in her volleyball game on Thursday night.  She had to miss last week due to an injury.  It was wonderful to see her happy self get to play the game she loves so much again.

5.   My family!!!  I love them so much that my tummy tickles thinking about it! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend full of love, hugs, and much laughter....