Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday....the price of love

My post today was to be about our passions.  I was fired up to write about what fuels our passions and how they are God's way of leading us to care for His children in need.

I tried to write it, but I couldn't.  You see, there is someone very dear to our family who is in the battle of his life.  He was diagnosed with cancer in June.  I found out today that hospice has been called in.  I keep telling God that I'm not ready to say goodbye.  Our family still desperately needs him.  In reality, I will never be ready.  This man has touched our entire family.  My children love him dearly.  My daughter has often said he is like a grandpa to her.

I had to pick my daughter up from school early today because she jammed her finger.  We actually thought there was a chance it could be broken.  Thankfully, it is not.  While my daugher was with me, I received the news.  My sweet daughter immediately began to cry.  I did too.  I hate the fact that in a short while this man will not be on this earth for us to love on.  I despise the fact that he is in pain and in the process of saying goodbye to his five children, wife, and a host of friends and family.

 I did not make my baby girl go back to school.  I brought her home with me so I could love on her.  As we were sitting on the couch watching TV she started to cry again.  I held her and let her have her pain.  I whispered in her ear, "Love is like that you know.  It can hurt so much sometimes, but it is always worth it." 

Isn't it the truth?  As much as I wish my baby wasn't hurting, I am so grateful that she has had the chance to love this precious man. 

Since my Wednesday post is supposed to be inspirational, I will try my best to make it so.

Love is a gift from God.  We are unlike any creature He created.  He created us to feel, I mean truly feel, love.  We have been blessed with so many different ways to express our love towards each other and to receive it.  Loss is extremely painful.  However, I wouldn't trade the pure love we have been granted just to escape the pain. 

Let's put down our schedules and our busyness and give genuine love to those around us today.  We are blessed beyond measure to receive love and give it away.