Friday, October 26, 2012

31 days of 26 (Miracles)

Isaiah 29:14
Therefore I will again confound these people with wonder after wonder.  The wisdom of their wise men will vanish, and the understanding of the perceptive will be hidden.

The Bible is filled with miracles.  We read of the Red Sea parting and of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Some may think that He is not in the business of miracles anymore.  My friend, nothing is further from the truth.  He loves us with a passion that cannot be contained.  Out of that love flows miracle after miracle.  

My friend's grandson recently had a Berlin heart surgically attached to his little body.  His heart was failing and without it he would die.  Two days ago this precious child suffered a massive brain bleed.  The doctors were afraid to operate for fear that he would bleed out on the table and they would lose him.  However, without the surgery to drain the blood, he would surely die.  My friend and I have obviously prayed for healing, but we have also been persistant in praying that those around this child would be amazed by God in such a way that they are left in pure awe of Jesus.  As the doctor opened this child up, the bleed had stopped on its own and a clot the size of an adults hand had formed.  It had clotted so well that the doctor did not even need to insert a drainage tube into his precious head.  My friend told me  that the medical staff was amazed.  This was not usual at all.  Medically speaking, there should have been a bleed that needed to be stopped by the doctors.  On top of that, the only effect he should have is mild weakness on his right side.  

As I type this, I almost can't contain myself.  I am filled with such love for Jesus.  He loves this child so much that He stopped that bleed from continuing and He made Himself evident for all to see.  That causes my heart to beat fast and my eyes to fill with tears.  As my friend told me what happened yesterday, all I could do was stare straight ahead and say, "Wow!"  I was so overcome with His magnificent love that I could only sit and cry. 

Miracles are all around us.  One of my dear friends just had twin boys.  As I held them yesterday I stared in amazement that God created these precious people.  They are so tiny, yet so perfect. Friend, praise God today for the miracles He has blessed you with.  Be certain that as long as you are living on this earth, you will be provided miracles.  May you be left in awe of your Father.

What miracles have taken your breath away?