Monday, October 29, 2012

Our family is so blessed to have known him

If you have read my post(s) in the past few days, then you know our family received some sad news on Friday.  I chose not to share it until it was an appropriate time.  I wanted to honor the family and allow them ample time to inform people.

On Friday, our dear Pediatrician was taken to heaven.  I cry as I type this post.  You see, he was not just my children's doctor.  He and his precious wife have become a part of our family.  Words cannot express the sorrow we feel.  I knew before I even officially knew that Dr. James Twining was a Jesus man.  His care went above and beyond the books of medicine.  He loved on my children like he was their grandfather.  The bond he created with them will forever remain.  He and Emily were bonded beyond words. 

Dr. Twining saw us through heart surgery, two neck surgeries, an elbow surgery, broken bones, asthma hospitalizations, and a list of illnesses.  When my children were exposed to a bat, he was on the phone in an instant.  He was known to call my home and check on my children and, at times, their mama. Oh, how I love this man.

I once was told that it must be nice to be so close to my children's doctor.  I replied that when you have gone through all that we have, it was a given.  In reality, it was much more than that.  There was just a bond formed early on. 

Friday night as I sat crying and aching in my heart I told Jesus, "You got a good one."  I clearly heard, "Yes I did."  We will hurt for a long time over this.  However, I know that we are truly blessed to have known him.  I wouldn't trade knowing and loving this wonderful man for all the pain we are feeling.  I have the assurance that one day we will again be with him.  We will see his shy smile and hear his gentle voice.  My daughter told me today that she can feel him with her and it brings her peace.  She said that she knows without a doubt that he is with her.  She is right, he is in her heart and will be forever.  I thank Jesus for giving her this peace and the knowledge that he is with her. 

I will miss our sweet Dr. James Twining. 

Please pray for his wife.  I love her more than I can even express.  Pray for his 5 boys and their families.  Also, please pray for our family. 

Psalm 34:18...The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit.