Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our weekend and weekly menu

Our family had a nice weekend.  Luke is sick, so we didn't do too much.  I am happy to say that he is feeling better today, although I'm guessing he will miss school tomorrow.  His cough is still nasty and he is just sitting around.  He generally is a mover and shaker so when he sits for long periods of times I know he doesn't feel well. 

Jorden took the SAT Saturday morning.  He has been working really hard with a tutor to get a high score.  He is a junior in high school and his hope is that he rocked the test so he can be granted early admission to Texas A&M University

My girl and I went shopping at the mall yesterday.  It is so fun to sneak girl time in with her.  I love to watch her look through clothes and pick and choose certain ones to try on.  She is just as cute as can be!  When we got to the dressing room there was no attendant to let her into a room.  All of the doors were locked so I told her just to climb under, open the door, and I would hand her the clothes.  She smiled so big and said, "Man, I just love our family!!  We are so fun!  How many other moms would tell their daughters to do that?!"  I wanted to keep saying it...crawl under! crawl under!  That was such music to my ears.  She is on the brink of being a teenager and she still considers her family cool.  Be still my mama heart!  I smiled like there was no tomorrow!!  I wanted to push her behind me and yell at him to stop.  Seriously, didn't he see ME standing right beside her.  I wanted to run my hands through her hair and mess it sticking out everywhere mess up. :-)

Ok, so I went on my run this morning.  It was absolutely fabulous.  The weather was perfect and I added a couple of extra miles.  I had my praise music in and I was hanging out with Jesus.  I knew He was running with me.  We were having a great time until a mom and her son turned a corner and ended up right in front of me.  The problem was that I was mouthing the words of my song and I had my hand up in praise.  Hee, hee!!  I was listening to "What Joy" by New Hope Oahu and she was belting out the chorus.  I was so into the song that I forgot other people actually go out and exercise too.  The mom looked at me like I had lost my ever loving mind.  I smiled and kept running...possibly a wee bit faster to get away from them!  I smiled and knew Jesus was probably laughing at me.  :-)


Monday...Chicken and rice casserole, borracho beans
Tuesday...Spaghetti and meatballs, salad
Wednesday...Tortilla chicken casserole, beans and rice
Thursday...Chick-fil-a (Thursday nights are Emily's volleyball games)
Friday...BBQ shrimp, corn on the cob, chips

The recipes are in the recipe section at the top of my blog.

I love this picture because this beautiful bird was just hanging out on the top of our palm tree.  This tree is at least three stories high.  When I'm in our pool in the summer it makes me almost feel like I am at a resort....until I have to get my own drink! :-)