Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm in love with the cool weather that blew threw Houston on Friday.  I love the chilly air and the cold nights.  We opened our windows a few hours before bed to cool our house down.  I don't know about you, but I sleep best when I am cold.  Makes me happy just thinking about it!! :-)

My girl had a volleyball tournament on Saturday.  Unfortunately, her team did not do well.  It was a bummer because when they do well, the smiles on their faces are priceless.  Our family received some sad news on Friday evening.  It affected Emily greatly.  She decided that she would play with her team regardless of her sadness.  My sweet girl tried her hardest, but she couldn't hold back her tears at the game.  Her coach was so sweet to her.  She knew that tears are not usual for Emily and she took the time to pull her aside and talk with her.  I am very grateful for the love she showed her.
We live near an air field and this weekend it hosted an air show.  Our family always looks forward to the last weekend in October.  We love watching the planes fly over and do really cool tricks.  As were outside the Blue Angels flew over us and they were so low that I could see the pilots.  It was super cool!  Jorden was at the park playing a pick up game of football.  He said they stopped the game to watch the Blue Angels do their thing.  I love that a group of 16 year olds think the air show is neat. :-) 

Unfortunately,  I did not get close up pictures of the Blue Angels, but you can see them flying together in this picture.

In a couple of weeks, the volleyball season will be coming to a close.  Boo, hoo!!  Our family has really enjoyed watching the games and getting to know the parents of the other players.  Emily has so enjoyed being a part of the team.  She has gotten close with the players and has decided to try out for the basketball team.  I may be bias, but she looks so cute handling a basketball!  Barry is Mr. basketball and is working with her on skills.  Luke, too, enjoys basketball and she is even letting him teach her a thing or two. 

Jorden informed us today that he wants to start a charity for soldiers.  He wants to give food and clothes to them.  He also wants to help them find jobs.  I am super proud of him.  He talked to his youth minister at church and asked him to help him.  We are ready and willing to help him with anything and everything to get this up and running.  If you can offer any advice or help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!! 

Weekly menu:
Monday...meatball pizza casserole
Tuesday...Creamy Italian Chicken over rice
Wednesday...Baked Potato Soup
Friday...Homemade Pizza
Sunday...Kings Ranch Chicken, Salad with walnuts and dried cranberries

**I will add the recipes tomorrow.  It is late and my bed is calling me.  I'm going to answer the call! ;-)

Have a wonderful week.  Much love to everyone!!!!