Friday, November 2, 2012

Faves of the week

Happy Friday everybody!  It has been quite the week at our house.  All of my children have been plaqued with the stomach virus.  Yuck!!  Emily threw up for over 12 hours and then ran fever for 12 more.  Thankfully, the boys got over it fairly quickly.  Clorox wipes have been the star of our home this week!  On top of that, as you know, our hearts have been heavy over the loss of our sweet pediatrician.  That sounds silly to write.  We didn't lose  him.  We know exactly where he is, and for that I am so grateful.  Today will be a rough day as we attend his funeral.  I am thankful that my husband will be able to go with us.   

As crazy as our week has been, there are numerous things to be grateful for.  I find if I focus on the sickness and sadness I will feel overwhelmed.  However, if I focus on all the wonderful things Jesus has provided us this week, I will be free of burden and actually smile. 

5 things that made me smile this week:

1.  Watching Luke belly laugh with his friend.  They were so excited to trick or treat and they were cracking each other up.  I love that he is nine and carefree. 
I know I used this picture yesterday, but it makes me smile to see them enjoying each other.  They didn't know I was taking this picture.  They were just hanging out enjoying each other's company.
2.  My Birchbox FINALLY came in the mail.  It was so late this month.  They sent me an email apologizing and they added 100 points to my account.  I'll take that!! :-)
3.  Candy, candy, candy!!! I smile as I see those miniature Twix bars.  They are my absolute favorite candy.  My husband laughs when I eat them because I eat the top, then the sides, and then the cookie.  Twix and I have a routine together!
I thought I had a picture of the baby Twix bars, but I don't.  Uh,oh, that's not good...that means I ate them rather than photographing them.....Here I come planks, crunches, and pain. :-)
4.  I cracked up laughing when Emily told me that a friend from volleyball dressed up like Shanaynay for Halloween.  Remember her?  The character Martin Lawrence used to portray??  I had a good belly laugh over that.  We pulled her (ok, him) up on youtube.  Emily forgot about her belly for a bit as she laughed and pictured her friend dressing like her.
5.   Jammie pants....Yes, I have spent a lot of time in jammie pants this week.  Sick kids means inconsistent sleep.  They are so comfortable! :-)

These aren't my jammie pants, I found the picture on google images.  I wish they were though, they are super duper cute!!!  I may have to shop online a bit today....
Have a wonderful weekend!  May you get so tickled that you have the belly laugh of your life. :-)  xoxo