Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween pics and more

Let the holiday season begin!  Yes, Halloween quickly passed and now we are planning for Thanksgiving and, dare I say it, Christmas. :)  I love this time of year.  I love the weather...rather, the idea that somewhere, some people are basking in fall weather.  In Houston we are looking at a high of 87 today.  I have a fall candle going and I'm using my imagination.  I stare at our fireplace and think, huh, maybe if I throw orange, red, and yellow construction paper in it, it will resemble a fire.  See...imagination!

Emily has been sick since Tuesday, so she did not get to participate in Halloween.  She was to dress like Flo from Progressive, but instead she camped out in my bed and watched TV.  She didn't even ask for any that's sick. :(
Jorden didn't dress up, but he did scout Luke's candy bag once it was full.

Luke had a friend come over so they could trick or treat together.  The first pictures are of Luke waiting for his friend. 

He dressed like Peeta from the Hunger Games.  He has not seen the movie, but he wanted to be him.  I'm guessing people at school think Peeta's cool?????  It was an easy peasy costume.  A black shirt, cargo pants, hiking boots, dirt on the face, and a spear and you've got a Peeta ready to fight for candy. 

Notice the backpack Luke took trick or treating.  That baby came home full.  My husband taught him what it is like to get taxed....he ate atleast 10% of his bag!! :)

Obama and Mitt Romney stopped by  our house last night.  We checked to see who was winning in the candy department...they were tied!!  We will see on Tuesday.....

Here are some random pictures I took just for fun last night.  Luke was tired of me taking so many pictures of him so I took one of me.  It's dorky, but I'm sharing anyway.  It's about being real...right?!?

Before I close this out, I want to say a big huge Texas THANK YOU to all of my fellow bloggers who read my 31 days of love postings.  I so enjoyed writing for the Lord each day.  I grew even closer in my faith, walk, and love.  I will be writing a series on Redemption and it will start in the next few days.

Ok, now go shopping, it's almost Christmas people!! :-)