Friday, November 16, 2012

Hodge Podge, Catch Up Friday :)

It has been a busy week at the Smith house.  I didn't post a weekend update on Sunday because my husband and I decided our family would have little to no screen time.  We wanted to hang out as a family.  It was super duper wonderful! 

This week has been full of school activities and such.  Luke's school hosted a Scholastic book fair and my friend and I were the coordinators, besides our WONDERFUL librarian, of course.  It was a lot of fun spending time at the school and visiting with a group of wonderful women. I was fortunate to visit with some ladies that I haven't really had the opportunity to sit and really talk to before.  I am so grateful that God is showing me a variety of women to be friends with. 

I didn't even turn on my computer yesterday.  That hasn't happened in forever!!  I stayed at Luke's school all day and was exhausted when I got home.  I immediately put on yoga pants and a long sleeve t.  Comfort makes me happy!!  I was able to have a Thanksgiving lunch with Luke yesterday.  It was a lot of fun eating lunch with him and his friends.  Boys are so much different than girls.  They were cutting up and laughing.  One of his friends told me his whole life story and then some.  I think Luke may have payed him off to talk to me so that he could play around and act silly.  :)

If you've read my blog this week, you know that Emily didn't make the basketball team.  She picked up a ball for the first time a few weeks ago.  She was sad that she didn't make it.  Thankfully, she has her club volleyball team.  She is looking forward to playing tournaments and learning even more of the game.  I told her I was so proud of her for trying out.  She put herself out there and I know that can be quite difficult.  I am super proud of my girl!!  She has gotten so much support from friends.  They have said all the things that a girl needs to hear.  Thankfully, she hasn't heard the is for the best, blah, blah blah, nonsense.  Her friends have told her that it stinks and she looked really great on the court.  I know from experience that it is much better to be told that something stinks than to be told sugar coated nonsense.

Barry is coaching Luke's basketball team this season.  Last night, the coaches drafted their teams and practice will start the week after Thanksgiving.  Yes, I know....drafting nine year olds seems a bit much, but it really is exciting for them.  I haven't figured out who is more excited, Barry or Luke!  (This picture was taken from our church gym last Sunday.  We have an amazing gym area with two full basketball courts and raquetball rooms too.)
When we walked into church last Sunday, we were greeted by a beautiful sight....Christmas decorations.  I was so excited!!!  I carry my camera with me so I made the kids pose in front of the tree.  Aren't they crazy precious?!
Here are a few pictures from our week...

Emily was in the musical "High School Musical" last Friday.  She was so cute to watch.  Of course, I snapped dozens of pictures of her!  She makes fun of me because I always have my camera.  I tell her she will be thankful one day. :)
I will write a redemption post tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!