Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday...Truly living for Jesus

I'm going to let my hair down and be candid today.  My heart has been heavy for a while.  I have realized that many people speak about God.  They refer to themselves as Christians and even quote Scripture.  Sadly, though, I have found that some people are talking a good game, but walking in a completely different direction.  Honestly, it breaks my heart.  Please don't get me wrong.  I am anything but perfect.  The only thing I am perfect at is being imperfect.  You know what I mean? 

I heard Beth Moore state that the number of people attending Bible studies today in comparison to years back has grown wildly.  That sounds fantastic, doesn't it?  Has it become the cool thing to do though?  Our world is not one that resembles a spike in people studying God's Word.  The divorce rates are crazy high, the abortion rates are sickening, and I can't turn the TV on without witnessing some type of immorality.  Here's the thing, saying that you believe in God is completely different than doing what God wants you to do.  For goodness sakes, even Satan believes in God.  That stinking devil knows, without a doubt, that Jesus is alive and real. 

Believing is not enough.  We have to live for Him in all we do.  He can't just be on our tongues or in the back of our minds.  Our thoughts, actions, and motivations must revolve around His Word.  Our pride and comfort must take a backseat to His commandments. 

Yes, praise God, we are saved by grace.  It is not anything we have done, or can do, that will bring us salvation.  It is our belief in Jesus.  However, in James we read that faith without works is dead.  If we have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we can't help but have works.  Our hearts desire to share His word through works.  True love cannot be contained.

Let's not make God trendy, let's make Him our lives.  Let's stick out like sore thumbs and be bright lights for Jesus.