Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My girl

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my daughter today. She found out this afternoon that she did not make the basketball team. She was so sad. She has had a lot to deal with and felt so defeated. She didn't even want to eat dinner. My heart ached for her. I wanted to break down and cry but I knew I needed to be the mama. 

Recently, Emily made a club volleyball team. Tonight was her first practice. She got her volleyball things together and trudged out to the car. She was quiet on the way. I noticed that when she joined her team on the court, her shoulders were slumped forward. Halfway through the practice I realized she was smiling and laughing with her teammates. After practice she was so chatty and said she felt really good. She was happy with the way she practiced. Volleyball is her passion. She has tons of balls and loves each one.  

God is so good. I believe His timing is always perfect. He had her practice be on the day she would find out the basketball results. I am so grateful that He knew exactly what she needed.  May I remember this the next time I am waiting on my Father.