Friday, November 23, 2012

Redemption~Searching for worth

For years, I had no idea who I truly was.  I thought I was what people made me out to be.  I was beautiful when someone would look at me, I was worthy when someone paid attention to me, and I was worthless when someone rejected me.  I allowed the world to define me.  While I pretended to be all that and more, I was secretly miserable.  Anytime we allow ourselves to be defined by others, we will never be fulfilled or satisfied.  We will be left needing more and wanting more. 

I am thrilled to say I no longer live this way. Because I have experienced life on both sides, I am more aware of women who are living for the world's approval over God's approval.  It saddens my heart when I see women searching for their identity.  Some look to men, others look to money, some look to their children's activities, while others pretend to have it all together because they would feel like failures if they admitted they needed help. 

Recently, I was around a woman who wants everyone to think she has it going on.  She is very into status and what other's think of her and her family.  She is quick to look down upon anyone who threatens her feelings of worth.  As I watched her and listened to her, I felt so sad for her.  She desperately wants others to believe she has it all together.  Sadly, nothing will satisfy her and quench her soul like the love of Jesus. 

Thankfully, when we come to Jesus, He will define us and complete us.  He redeems lives lost in the hustle and bustle of this world.  We will never find our worth in anything but Jesus.  When we compare ourselves to others and/or look for our worth in our surroundings, we will be miserable and lonely.  True peace and worth come from Jesus.  He doesn't care what size your home is, what kind of car you drive, how much money is in your bank account, and what activities your children are involved in.  He cares about your heart.  When we let go of the world's view of status and focus on status with Jesus, it is so freeing. 

Today, I pray for each woman by name that I know who is searching for worth.  I also pray for those I don't know.  May all women know that they are worthy and loved by Jesus.  May they slow down, take a breath, and realize the freedom to be Jesus's girl.  I can promise you that there is nothing more defining and wonderful than the love Jesus gives. Nothing will bring you more joy, peace, and fulfillment than when He whispers in your ear that He is proud of you for choosing Him over this world. Photobucket