Monday, November 5, 2012

The joys of being a woman

My daughter is running towards becoming a woman. She is growing taller and more beautiful everyday. Her body is about to start that thing that takes her into womanhood. As I sat thinking today about my little girl growing up, I came to realize I have two options. 

1.  I can be negative and tell her it's a pain in the rear.  I can tell her that its not fair that women have to experience cramps, bloating, etc.


2.  I can celebrate with her. I can tell her that this is what God created her body to do.  I can lovingly show her ways to minimize her discomfort.

I choose #2

I want to be an example to her. I want to teach her to find the good in this life that God blessed her with.  Her crampy uterus will one day, God willing, grow my grand babies. How beautiful is that?!  

So, I think I'll plan something special for the big day. I am going to buy her a present to celebrate her entrance into womanhood. It won't be grand, but it will be meaningful, and hopefully something she will cherish. My heart expands as I think about how much I love my girl.  May I always look to God to lead her in a positive way.