Thursday, November 29, 2012

What will your legacy be?

Recently, I read a book that dealt with someone's legacy.  It made me start thinking about my own legacy.  When I no longer live on earth, what will people remember about me?  This has really captured my attention and caused me to think about my  life and how I live it. 

Everything we do impacts people.  Whether it be our attitude over a certain activity we are involved in all the way to how we treat the cashier at the grocery store.  As I have thought about this, I have come to realize that my attitude and behaviors greatly affect my family.  If I am grumpy, my entire house tends to be grumps.  However, if I am laughing, everyone generally joins in. 

My questions to myself are:
1.  What am I teaching my children about those around us in need?
2.  What am I teaching my children about friendships?
3.  Am I showing my sons how a godly wife behaves? 
4.  Am I training my daughter in the ways of godly womanhood?
5.  Do I prefer my own comfort over the comforts of others?
6.  Do material items rule my heart?
8.  Can people see God in me?
9.  Do I offer grace to those around me?
10. Do I let the Holy Spirit guide my heart or do I let the world?

I want to be remembered as a loving, godly woman.  I want my great grandchildren to hear stories of me and know I loved well. 

What will your legacy be?