Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in pictures

Like many bloggers, my time in the blog world has been interrupted.  I have been spending great times with my family.  It has been so wonderful hanging out with my kids and my husband.  I truly do love all of the blogs I read and my absence doesn't mean that I have forgotten any of them.  I hope that you all are enjoying this season and making great memories.  I am looking forward to becoming active again in my posting and reading.  All of you are truly amazing!!

I could write many paragraphs about our Christmas happenings.  However, I will just post some pictures of our good times. :)

My kids look forward to the day we make Christmas cookies every year.  They are some serious decorators!

Barry's family came over on Christmas Eve to eat, open gifts, and play.  Yes, it was shorts weather...crazy, huh?!  Our sister-in-law is one of the volleyball coaches at Texas State University.  Emily really enjoyed playing volleyball with her.  She even helped Emily practice her jump serves.  Free coaching!

All prettied up for Christmas Eve church service.  :)

It's a tradition for the kids to sleep in Jorden's room on Christmas Eve.  Luke and Emily usually sleep in sleeping bags on the floor.  This year they wised up!  They carried, pushed really, their mattresses into Jorden's room.  Every Christmas Eve Barry reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the family.  This year as he was reading, Emily decided she needed to act out all of the pages.  She and Barry took a bow after the reading...goofballs!!


Christmas morning...7am.  The pictures aren't great...uugg!  Yippie though....Barry gave me the camera I've been pining over.  Yea!!! 

Christmas morning with my new camera.  I am excited to learn how to use it properly.

We went to Barry's mom's house on Christmas evening.  It is always nice to catch up with Barry's big family.  His mom is one of five children and a lot of the extended family gathers at her house on Christmas night. 
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and created great memories that will make you smile for years to come.  My love to all of you!!! xoxo