Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2013 plans

2012 is one that I will look back on with fond memories.  I had numerous laughs, smiles, tears, and learning moments.  I started this blog and have become quite attached to it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing and expressing myself.  Our family has experienced good times as well as bad. 

Tonight when the clock hits 11:59, I will be grateful for ALL that I have experienced and learned.  I know that Jesus has been with me through everything.  I haven't always been the best student, but I know I have learned from my Teacher and Redeemer.  He is so patient with me, and for that I am ever grateful.  May my heart be open even more to Him as the clock strikes midnight and I am ever His princess.

My friend who blogs here chooses a word for each year.  (Her blog is wonderful.  She is creative, a fabulous cook, and a Jesus lover.  Swing by and check her out!)  As she started hinting around at her 2013 word, I began really thinking about this.  I immediately thought that my word would be family.  I am in love with my family and I believe they are such a gift from my Father.

However, I believe God has another word for me this year. 

My word this year will be truth

My plan is to be completely honest in posts this year.  Not that I haven't been, but I want to tell my story over the course of this year.  I want to share how I came to love God so much and trust in Him.  My desire is to be completely transparent.  I am not out to give satan any glory.  I will not write things to intentionally hurt people.  My goal is to bring glory to God.  

I choose to write about TRUTH for various reasons.  
1.  God strongly placed it on my heart.
2.  One day my children will be able to read my story and truly know their mama's heart.
3.  It will be therapeutic for me.
4.  My story may speak to someone and bring healing.

I look forward to sharing from my heart. 

I like keeping journals, but I am not always great about writing.  I tend to feel pressured (by ME) to write everything down.  I came across a different kind of journal and I am smitten.

It's a 5 year journal.  There are only about 5 lines for you to record on for each day.  It's perfect!  I ordered mine off of Amazon.  You don't have to start on January 1st.  I started writing in mine in November. :)

I am having so much fun learning my way around my new camera.  I discovered this challenge and I am so in!!  Anyone want to join me??
January Photo-a-Day 2013 final
At the end of January, I will post a few of the pictures from this challenge.  I'm excited!! :)

Lastly, here are a few pictures from the past week.

 021_zps1fb037c9.jpg photo
010_zps7e31557b 010_zps7e31557b-1_zps7c423140.jpg photo
022_zps5ee95e90 022_zps5ee95e90-1_zps54d736d5.jpg photo
Barry and his single brother....any single ladies?? :)
 036_zps03db3b38.jpg photo
 045_zps092b0ad4.jpg photo
 051_zps1610a9b8.jpg photo
 007_zpsf6120730.jpg photo
No more Christmas decorations.  Now on to Pinterest again to find new ideas for decorating!!  It's like crack for a decorating junkie! :)
063_zps3ef8c017 063_zps3ef8c017-1_zps9d933f30.jpg photo
I've been playing around on photobucket....good times!
 017_zps8f5f8921.jpg photo

Much love to everyone.  I am so blessed by all of you!! xoxo