Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pride....that annoying tag along

Pride likes to follow us wherever we go.  At times, it tags along and we don't even realize it.  It is never a good thing and should not be a welcomed guest.  Pride's goal is to seperate us from our Creator.  It tries to place us higher than God.  Impossible!

As I thought about pride, I came up with a few examples. 

I want my hair to look just right today.
I need to be a certain size so that I look good for __________.
Man, I rock!  I just accomplished __________________.
I refuse to forgive completely.  The other person is in the wrong.
Looking past our faults and finding fault in others.
Building walls.
Glorifying our children's achievements so that we can feel like a wonderful parent.
I need _____________ to accept me so that I will feel good.
Striving for popularity.
Comparing blog follower numbers.
Keeping up with the neighbors.

I could keep the list going and make it a mile long just from my own experiences.  The thought of that stings! 

Isaiah 42:8
I am Yahweh, that is My name;
I will not give My glory to another,
Or My praise to idols.

A gigantic obstacle in having an abundant life is pride.  Glorifying ourselves rather than God will only bring heartache.  God desires that we look to Him and glorify Him.  We MUST acknowledge Him.  He is not narcissitic in any way, shape, or form.  His desire for us  to glorify Him is for our own benefit.  He knows that when we set ourselves aside and look to Him, our lives are greater and freer than we could ever imagine.  When our focus turns to God, our life changes forever.  Looking good to others no longer matters.  Pleasing and praising God is what our life becomes.  Nothing is sweeter and more peaceful than giving God EVERYTHING. 

Prior to having a true relationship with Jesus, I wore pride everywhere I went.  I was greatly concerned with what other people thought.  I lived to please people over God.  When I would walk away from someone, I would play our conversation over and over in my head.  Did I say anything foolish?  I wanted to look just right for everyone I was around....physically and personally.

I am a walking, talking poster child for what pride can do to someone.  I used to have major stomach issues.  I did whatever it took to please people.  I have come to realize that I must have been one annoying girl!!  Releasing myself to Jesus and putting my concern in Him alone has made a huge difference in my life.  My relationships have meaning and my health is so much better.  I don't fret about my encounters and am free to love people the way Jesus wants me to. 

Does that mean I never deal with pride?  Absolutely not!!  It will sneak up on me and invade my thoughts and behaviors.  The difference now is that I recognize it much sooner and give it straight to Jesus.  I think that's the key to a relationship with our Savior, our Redeemer.  We must stay in constant communication with Him. 

Pride is nasty and brings nothing good.  It will steal, kill, and destroy our hearts.  May we look to Jesus and His opinion of us.  I love the thought of Him looking at His children and saying, "Well done my beautiful girl!!"

Have a wonderful weekend.  My love to everyone! xoxo