Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee Hop :)

I am sitting here in my comfy jammies drinking a yummy cup of coffee.  I love Saturday mornings!!  As I was reading through blogs, I came across quite the blog and found this fun hop.  The great thing is that you can write about anything and join the hop.  It's always fun to find new blogs to read.  I have met some great women through blogging.  I wouldn't have been exposed to their blogs had it not been for hops. :)

I have so much on my mind this morning.  I could probably write a ton of things....I PROMISE I won't.

My daughter, Emily, and I were able to spend some great, quality time together last night.  Jorden had to work and Luke had a birthday party to attend.  Emily and I met a friend at Hobby Lobby to shop.  It was so fun looking through the Christmas decorations.  As if I wasn't already super excited about Christmas!  Hobby Lobby had decorations everywhere....and the best part was that ALL Christmas items were 50% off.  Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!!  

After shopping we had dinner together.  My heart melted and thrilled with excitement because when we sat down to eat our meal, Emily placed her napkin in her lap, folded her hands, and waited for me to say a prayer over our food.  I was so proud of her.  As a family, we always pray when we eat, regardless of where we are.  However, it hit me last night that our children expect it and will not eat without it.  She did not care that the restaurant was crowded.  She was going to honor God the way she had been taught.  I mentally gave God a high five and thanked Him for the love my daughter has for Him. 

We picked dessert and came home and snuggled on the couch as we enjoyed our sweets.  Emily actually fell asleep cuddled up next to me.  These are the moments I love.  She is in 7th grade, yet still loves her mama like something fierce.  I could laugh and cry at the same time right now. :)

Here's a question for my sweet blogging friends.  It has been on my mind for a while now and I could use some help!  How do you know when you are being judgmental and when it is the Holy Spirit?  I have been dealing with an issue lately that has caused my gut to tense up.  There are some people I know who are toxic to me.  They gossip, backstab, and live for the world.  I know I have been negatively talked about by them.  My gut tells me to run, and run fast.  I truly believe the Holy Spirit warns us when a situation or people are not good for us.  However, at times, I wonder if I'm being too self protecting.  I want to share God with people.  I know I will have to be around people who aren't Jesus lovers in order to share Him.  However, my thinking is if I'm getting that icky feeling, the Holy Spirit is telling me to move on.  What do you think?  Have you ever experienced something like this?  I don't want to hide in a bubble, but I don't want to be somewhere He certainly doesn't want me to be.

Love and hugs to all of you!  Have a wonderful first weekend of December. :)