Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank you letter

Can you believe Christmas will be here in a few days?!  We are done with the shopping...phew!  I am looking forward to this weekend because my oldest doesn't have to work and we will spend some great family time together.  Here we come "It's a Wonderful Life"!

I wanted to write a Thank You letter to Jesus this morning.  I am in awe of how wonderful He is and how He has led our family this year.  When we have stepped out of the way and allowed Him to lead us, we have been overwhelmed by love and peace.  I am so grateful for His forgiveness, love, and leading.

Dear Jesus,

You are absolutely amazing.  You have placed your arms around me numerous times this year and comforted me.  You have led me to great places, even when I was certain I'd never see the greatness of it.  You have blessed my family with love and devotion.  Because of you, we know the meaning of true love and we desire to share it with each other and the world.

Thank you for the protection you have provided our family this year.  Jorden received his driver's license in June.  It has been scary watching him drive away without his mama or dad in the car, but I know that You are always in the car with him.  You have calmed my nerves many times! 

Jesus, thank you for removing guilt from my life.  For years I felt guilty over a situation that I couldn't control.  You have lovingly shown me that I am not in control of other's behaviors or actions.  You have asked me to live a life that honors you.  You have not asked me to take on guilt for other people's actions and behaviors.  As you know, for years I carried guilt and shame.  It affected my health and my mental well being.  I am so grateful that you have given me freedom to live my life for YOU. 

Thank you for my friends, new and old.  I am so thankful for their love towards you and their love for me.  Their character and love of life are contagious.  They are selfless and desire to serve you by serving others. 

 I am so very thankful for my friend Robin.  She is like a sister to me.  We can complete each other's sentences.  We can literally talk for hours upon hours and never run out of things to say.  She never judges me or makes me feel inadequate.  Her support and love are so selfless.  I can tell her anything and I know, without a doubt, that she will never tell a soul.  She has my back, as I have hers.  We have experienced many things over the years....pregnancy, her sweet boy's preemie birth, death, laughter, anger, hurt feelings, etc, etc, etc.  I am so grateful, Jesus, for her friendship and love. 
Robin is one of those fabulous teachers who goes above and beyond for her students.  She is not beneath wearing a crazy Christmas hat to make her students smile!

Thank you for the wonderful blogging community.  I am so blessed by so many of the blogs I read.  I have met some wonderful women.  It thrills me to see the support and love given through the blogs.  What a fabulous group of ladies!!

Lastly, thank you Jesus for loving me and making your presence so clear to me.  I am far from perfect, yet you continue to love me and lead me.  I am certain I have disappointed you numerous times.  You never bring me condemnation only conviction.  You lead me in the way of the Truth.

 I look forward to serving you in 2013 and growing even closer to You.  I praise you with all I have!