Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Help...do we get another one???


Our dog, Rudy, will be 7 next month.  It seems like we just got him!  We got him when he was 10 weeks old. He was a teeny tiny peanut, less than 2 pounds.  He is a Maltese.  Yes, I know he doesn't look like one. We keep his hair short.  His mom was 5 pounds and his dad was 4 pounds.  He was supposed to be little, but his body had other plans.

Luke had just turned 3 when we got Rudy.  Luke adored him and wanted to carry him EVERYWHERE.  He did not like when anyone else held him or played with him.  The joke at our house is that Rudy is no fool.  He purposely grew to 16 pounds for mere protection from a little determined 3 year old! :)

The question circulating our home lately is should we get Rudy a playmate.  We are considering rescuing a dog from a shelter.  We wouldn't want one larger than 20 pounds.  Also, we don't want a puppy.  We think a puppy would drive Rudy insane.  Rudy has tons of energy, but we don't think he would take too kindly to a puppy who was insistent on nonstop play.

Rudy has always been a great dog.  He potty trained super easy.  He came to our family already crate trained.  He has never chewed on furniture, walls, etc.  He knows to stop something when I say his name a certain way.  Once, he went out the back gate that had been left opened.  He had been hanging out on the back patio relaxing in the sun. He is an inside dog, but enjoys some fresh air on occasion.  We had no idea he had gotten out until we heard scratching on the front door.  He could not get back into the gate (it had shut on it's own due to wind) so he was smart enough to go to the front.  He's just an awesome dog.

We just can't decide what to do.  My husband is even on board with getting another one.  That alone tells me we should because he did not welcome Rudy as lovingly as the rest of us.  He tolerated him at best.  Now, he really does love him.  

I would surely appreciate any and all advice!!  Please share your stories with me.  :)