Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Very sporty weekend (plus 5 facts about me)

Our weekend truly was a sports weekend.  On Saturday, Luke had two basketball games.  They were not back to back so we were at the gym for  most of the afternoon.  I absolutely LOVE watching him play basketball.  He is very passionate about it.  He comes out of his shell and lives in the moment.  He is generally a shy child, but not on the court.  It melts my heart to see him loving what he is doing. :)

I was so happy for him because he scored 12 of the team's 22 points.  I was proud of him because he took it with a grain of salt and not one time bragged about it.  He did tell me on Saturday night that he was excited he had a good game.  I told him he rocked it!!  He looked at me with those little boy adoring eyes, smiled, and gave me the biggest hug I've received in quite a while.  These are the moments I live for.

 Luke and Barry strategize the night before the games.
Luke is #21.  He made the warm up shot.
 His blonde hair blowing back cracks me up!!
He went in for the shot once he got this ball.....and he made it!
Jorden and Emily happily cheered on their brother.  I'm not sure who was more excited for him...them or me.
On Sunday, Emily had a volleyball tournament.  We had to be there at 8am and it lasted all day.  She was pumped up ready to play.  She really likes her team.  :)
 Before each game, the girls have to walk towards the stands and wave.  It cracks them up everytime!!  She is #5.  Her friend to her left always waves like a princess!
 Emmy is in position and ready for the serve.  She gets pretty serious. 
 The opposing team was out of rotation and the refs stopped the game so they could correct it.  Instead of talking about the game, they were cracking up at some football player they know.
Emmy is about to whack the ball.  Barry and I laugh because her sweet arms are so little, yet she can hit the ball with such force. 

If you notice, some of my pictures have my blog name across them.  I have decided to start putting it on all of the pictures I post.  I recently read that pictures from blogs are being used without permission and not always for nice things.  If you need help adding your blog to your pictures, email me at momofjel@gmail.com and I will give you step by step instructions.

**I always enjoy reading facts about bloggers, so I decided to share a few about me.
  1. I use the Coffee Mate creamer in my coffee.  You know, the powder kind that has a zillion things in it that I can't pronounce.  It is soooo yummy.  I have tried healthier things, but nothing tastes like the powder that is probably made of gross stuff.  Yuck.....now I am wondering!!
  2. My favorite pens are the Sharpie fine points.  I love the way they write.
  3. I named my camera Harlee.  Weird....for sure!  Fun and freaks my family out a bit....priceless!!
  4. I have slept with the same feather pillow for 30 years.  Seriously, it was my grandmother's.  I hold onto it like a teddy bear.  (ok, I'm thinking that was TMI!!!)
  5. I love jalepenos.  I load my nachos up!  Each bite I take has a jalepeno on it!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week.  It is cold here in Texas and I'm loving it.  I have two pairs of socks on and two shirts.  Coffee Mate here I come!!!