Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend in pictures

We had an awesome weekend.  I so enjoy hanging out with my crew, laughing and making memories.  Sadly, my kiddos head back to school on Tuesday.  It has been soooo nice sleeping until my body wakes me rather than the alarm.  :)

Here is our weekend in pictures:

 Luke and Jorden enjoyed playing a video game together.  My heart melts when I see them hanging out together...bonding for life. :)
 Emily loves her volleyball.  She didn't take a break from it during her vacation.
 Luke and Rudy seem to have the same expression.  Luke was concerned about his upcoming haircut.  He desperately needed a cut!  It's worse taking him for a haircut then it is taking him to get shots.  He loves his hair!!
 He no longer has hair in his eyes and he got to keep it "long and shaggy". :)
 Barry talks to the cable company about ALL of the charges and taxes on our bill....YIKES!!  We don't really watch TV but I hate to let cable go because I am an HGTV lover.
 This picture speaks for itself....his shirt says "Smiling is my favorite" but I see no smile!
 Luke loved hanging in his jammies chillin' on the couch Saturday morning.  He's living the dream my husband says. :)
 Oh, the dreaded reading of Huckleberry Finn over Christmas break.  Notice how much more he needs to Tuesday!  He'll get it done...he always does!
 The basketball jerseys came in for the season.  Luke was so excited to get the number's the number he wanted.
 Barry hard at work.
 I made homemade bread for the first time yesterday.  It was fairly easy and soooo delicious!!
 My sweet Jorden!
 The kids with Barry's mom and grandfather.  His grandfather and Luke share the same birthday eighty years apart.  They will celebrate another birthday in February...Luke will be 10 and Papa Ciolli will be 90.  I think that is so awesome!!

Of course the kids have to take a silly picture with Uncle Doug!!  The night wouldn't be complete without it. :)
I hope everyone had a good weekend with lots of love, fun, and good times that turn into great memories.  My love to you all!!