Monday, September 29, 2014

Lessons learned-

The other night my husband and I were chatting and discussing the ways we have grown as individuals and as a couple.  When we put everything out on the table, it was really neat to see how far we've come.

I have heard people say that they wish they could be in their 20's again.  Not me!  I L*O*V*E being in my 40's.  My heart and my head are so different and I am - oh so thankful!! :)

I started thinking about all of the lessons I have learned.  Here they are in no particular order....

1}  Material items are fun, but they certainly don't bring joy.  Jesus is the only way to true joy.

2}  Toxic people trickle toxicity into the people around them.  Stay away from them.

3}  Jesus always forgives me.  I don't always forgive myself.

4}  If people talk ugly behind other's backs, they will talk badly about me too.

5}  No one but Jesus gets to define me.

6}  Taking up for myself or others is not mean.  Allowing myself or others to be treated badly is.

7}  Jesus tells me I have to love everyone.  He never instructed me to like everyone. 

8}  God did not put me on this earth to save everyone.  He sent His Son for that very reason.  I am not suppose to be everyone's savior and hero.

9}  Prayer brings peace, but gossip does not.

10} Keeping up with the Jones' is draining.  Keeping up with Jesus is exhilarating.

Bonus lesson learned...
Face cream, face cream, face cream!!!  This is one of my best friends! :)