Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lovin' my Etsy finds

I purchased a few items from Etsy last week that I am in love with!  Not only do I love the things I bought, but they were made by fellow bloggers which makes them even better. :)

I am constantly purchasing new bath puffs.  I don't like to keep them for very long because they get ratty looking and it seems gross to use them for too long.

I found a great alternative to the bath puffs!

I love the crochet washcloth and bath puff I bought from here.  I will never again buy a bath puff from the store.  My 14 year old daughter said it was genius!  I ordered her a set too.  Her set contained a washcloth, bath puff, and small circular face puffs.  She is a happy girl!  

The next item I purchased was an altered journal.  I am crazy for journals and I absolutely love this one.  To give you a clue how crazy I am, I am currently writing in 4 different journals.  I will definitely buy another altered journal when I fill this one up.  It was handmade upon ordering.  I was able to request the color scheme I preferred as well as any quotes I wanted added. 

To purchase the altered journal click here.  I'm certain you will love yours too! 

This is the package my journal arrived in.  Isn't it fantastic!?  I actually saved it and placed it on the bookshelf in my office. :)

Happy shopping!! I promise you will be thrilled with your purchases!