Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sharing 101

A question I hear a lot from others is...

How do I share Jesus with those around me?

We know that we are to share Him, but none of us wants to be the-throw Jesus in someone's face- person.

Most of us, if not all of us, have come across someone who uses His name in every.single.sentence.

News flash...that can be a BIG turn off.  I know because it has happened to me.  I love Jesus with all of my heart, my soul, my mind, and anything else I am made up of.  I desire daily to please Him and live for Him.  However, when someone can't have a conversation without using His name the entire time, it comes across as fake, holier than thou, and pretty self righteous.

I'm just being honest...

So the question remains-

How do we share Jesus with those around us without turning people off and ultimately turning them away from their Savior??

I have prayed about this and asked Jesus to show me how to share Him without making others feel uncomfortable.  I want people to truly want Jesus in their lives.  I desire for people to KNOW Him and love Him.  I don't want to be the one who turns people away from Him.  That would break my heart and, more importantly, His.

Jesus answered my prayer in the form of a sermon I recently heard.  The pastor said the greatest way to share Jesus is to LOVE everyone around us.  Truly love people with kindness, compassion, and selflessness.  Take that extra moment to let someone know that they matter.

This sermon took me back about 10 years.  A woman whom I had known about a year asked me why I was always so nice.  She asked how I could have so much joy.  I was able to answer her honestly and tell her Jesus was my reason.  This led into a great conversation about His love for her and His desire for her to truly know Him. 

We are called to plant the seeds of love and Jesus will grow them.  He wants us to be kind and loving to His children.  We are to share Him by sharing our hearts.

Let's be purposeful in sharing Jesus today and everyday.  :)

1 John 3:18
We must not love with word or speech, but with truth and action.

Loving all of you-