Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it! :)

I am crazy in love with my kiddos!!  They melt my heart and rock my world.  Sometimes my husband and I have to pinch ourselves because our hearts are so swollen with love that it seems like a dream. 

This weekend my daughter and I will be attending the Nutcracker Market.  For those of you who don't know what that is, I will explain.  It is a HUGE Christmas market with tons and tons of vendors.  There is Christmas music playing and the smells of Christmas surround you.  It is fabulous and gets us in the Christmas spirit every single year.

Last night our daughter said, "Oh I can't wait for this weekend!!  It is the BEST day of the whole year!"

My husband looked at her and said, "Really??  Better than the day of your Savior's birth??"

My daughter proceeded to tell him that it really is her favorite day of the whole year because she spends the entire day with her mama laughing, shopping, and bonding. {Be still my heart and give me a tissue!!}

I thought about her statement well into the evening.  My children and I share an amazing relationship.  They all tell me so much.  Seriously, there are times I want to tell them they didn't have to share that, but I would never do that.  I LOVE being their confidant.  My son in college still shares things with me and will text me just to say he loves me or see how I'm doing.  {Again, be still my heart and hand me a tissue!}

These relationships didn't just happen.  They formed over much laughter and many tears.  They were created over hours upon hours of time spent together.  Our family has always valued family.  We sit down every night and eat our meal together.  We really listen when someone is talking and will be the first to cheer each other on. 

The relationships my husband and I share with our children have trickled down to the relationships our children now share with each other.  They not only love each other, but they really like each other.  My oldest son and daughter are constantly texting each other.  When they read or hear something funny, they text each other.  {Again, be still my heart and pass me a tissue!}

I don't write all of this to toot our horns.  I write this to show how important it is to build relationships within families.  Time together is invaluable.  Laughing and sharing with one another carries on in hearts. 

Families need to slow down and truly enjoy each other.  We are gifts to each other. 

I read recently that Kelly Rippa said she didn't care if her kids liked her or not.  The article was flying around Facebook and people were loving all over it.  Honestly, it made me sad.  Of course I want my kids to like me.  I want a strong, loving relationship with them.  No, I'm not the cool mom who adheres to anything so they will like me.  {Just ask my kids - they will tell you!}  I'm the mom who has rules and high expectations.  I'm the mom who means business.  But I'm also the mom who will spend hours with my children laughing, listening, and wiping tears.  I'm the mom who will offer grace because God gives me grace every second of every day.

Recently my daughter was cuddled up next to me and told me I was her best friend.  {Yes, again-be still my heart and hand me a tissue!}  She told me she loved that I was her mama and that she didn't really know anyone who shared our type of relationship with their moms.  That made me sad...

It's not too late to create relationships in families.  As long as we are breathing, we are growing.  Choose laughter over ipads and electronics.  Choose family meal time over rush hour.  Choose cuddling over laundry.  There is no gift more precious than the love God grows in our families.  Water it, my friend, and watch it grow taller than anything you ever imagined.