Thursday, November 27, 2014

My list of thanks

It's here - a day of feasts, family, friends, and thankfulness.  I don't want to take one moment for granted.  I want to freeze the moments with my sweets and take in as much of their faces as possible.

I look forward to watching them enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and pine for our favorite city, NYC.  We will laugh and talk about memories of being in NYC last Thanksgiving and attending the parade.  I'm sure we will remember the freezing cold, ice on our faces, numerous hot chocolates, and the wonderful meal we shared with new friends.

Memories are what make family moments so sweet.  We look at old memories as we are creating new ones.  We wrap ourselves in the love each memory creates and warm our hearts with it.

I am very thankful this year for many things.    Listed below are my top ten-
  1. The love our family has for each other.  No matter what happens in the day, we know we can count on each other.
  2. Our oldest starting college and doing so well.  He has turned into a man right before our very eyes.
  3. The love that continues to grow between my husband and me.  
  4. My children text messaging each other because they truly like each other.  
  5. The friends that listen to me and love me.  I am blessed to have such lovely people in my life.
  6. Our home that is full of memories and love.
  7. Our kitchen table.  I am thankful for this because this is where we gather each evening to share meals and connect.
  8. Being able to bless and love on others.
  9. Growing deeper in my relationship with Jesus.
  10. And of course, my blog.  I am so very thankful for all of the wonderful ladies I have met and get the privilege of calling friends.  You ladies have truly blessed my life.
For all of you that are struggling today, please know that I am saying special prayers for you.  May you feel God's love surround you and hold you in your pain.  You are not alone, ever.

My love to all of you-