Monday, January 5, 2015

Pop the Bubble

Have you ever noticed that it feels much safer to live in a bubble?  Within our bubbles, we guard ourselves from pain, rejection, and failure.

Recently, I was having a conversation with someone and she could not admit that certain things frustrated or upset her.  Out of her mouth kept coming, "Oh, it's fine.  Really it is.  Everything is great."  My heart ached for her because admitting discomforts, frustrations, and anger can be so healing.  I wanted to throw my arms around her and tell her that it was perfectly ok to just let it out. 

I'm certain that the reason my heart ached for her so much is because I have been in that exact place.  I know what it is like to protect my heart so much that I become numb.  I am not faulting her, judging her, or pointing the finger at her.  I could write the book on bubble life.

To live in a bubble is to live void of trust.

That's a difficult sentence for me to type.  To type it, I have to admit that when I live in the protection of my bubble I am not fully trusting Jesus to lead me and protect me.  This mistrust is not done out of spite.  Rather, it is done out of self preservation and is due to experiences and traumas that have been experienced.

I lived in a bubble for years - and if I'm being completely honest, I still sometimes crawl into my bubble and get comfy. 

Within our bubbles, we aren't living the lives that Jesus has for us.  We are avoiding situations that may cause discomfort or effort.  It is in these situations that many people could be touched by us. 

Can you think of a situation or a time when you hid yourself away only to realize later that you missed an opportunity to share love with someone?

These times aren't necessarily times in which our physical bodies weren't present.  More often, these are times in which our hearts weren't present.

I recently read something that said when we feel fear rising in us say, "I trust you Jesus". 

Isn't that why we crawl into our bubbles in the first place - fear??

What if we choose to trust Jesus more and hide in our bubbles less?  Oh the victories that would be ours!

I want to live out loud for Jesus even when it means avoiding my bubble.  It's not easy - in fact, it may be one of the hardest things we do - but it will be so worth it to live a life of pure and complete trust.  It will be worth it to lay our heads on our pillows at night and know we completely trusted in the One who created us.

I wonder what we can accomplish for His Kingdom when we choose trust over bubbles?

Won't you join me?  Let's do this Jesus living for real!