Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Your biggest critic

If I asked you to write down who your biggest critic is, I’m pretty sure I could guess the answer without even peaking.  If you’re anything like me, you wrote your own name. 

We tend to critique every single thing about ourselves.  We can pick out that one strand of hair that refuses to cooperate.  We notice a fat cell on our bodies that no one else can see.  We question our intelligence and we play the compare game.  At times, we are our own worst enemies. 

If you sit and really think about it, that is so disturbing.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  We would never allow, not for one single second, someone to bash our children.  Our mama and papa bear instincts would kick in and we would growl and show our teeth – even if just for our kids to see. 

God created you and He created me EXACTLY how He desired.  He didn't create us in a hurry or with someone else in mind.  He looks at us and sees beauty.  Why don’t we??

My husband and I were discussing a party we had to attend.  I immediately began thinking of all of the women who would be there and started digging myself a hole.  What if they are beyond beautiful and dressed to a tee and I am the frumpy Cinderella in rags?  I told him how I was feeling and he looked at me as if I had grown another set of eyes and turned purple.  

My husband told me that of course I would be the most beautiful one to him at the party.  He told me that he always thought I was gorgeous and he loves me more with each day.  Sweet, I know.  The problem, however, wasn't what he thought about me.  It was what I thought about myself.  

My sweet husband gave me a wonderful reality check.  He reminded me that I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  He encouraged me to see what he sees and, more importantly, what God sees.  

So the bottom line is...why in the world do we do this to ourselves??

It's that old stupid compare game.  I hate the game, never volunteer to play, but sometimes get sucked in and then lose every single time.  

Guess who the author of the compare game is-
the stupid, no good, squatty devil!!!  He WANTS us to feel inferior to others.  He whispers in our ears that we aren't good enough, smart enough, and pretty enough.  He magnifies other's qualities in our minds.  

Here's the thing....he does the same thing to others about US!!  Other people compare themselves to us.  Ugh!  It is a nasty and viscous cycle.

I don't want this game in my head anymore.  How about you??  Are you done with it too?  It only causes heartache and pain.  Let's make a pact to throw it in the stinky trash.  Every time it threatens to come out, let's kick it and believe what Jesus has to say about us.  He says we are loved beyond measure, His children, and created in His image.

We can beat this, friends!  We can choose to believe Jesus over satan.  
__________________ is beautiful and wonderfully made! {Fill in the blank with your name.}