About Marci

Welcome to life with joys! My name is Marci Smith and I am so happy you have stumbled upon my site.  I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  My passion is encouraging people to find empowerment and live fully.  I incorporate the full body into my health coaching.  I believe that true health comes from exercise, nutrition, self-care, and spirituality.  I find joy in working with my clients and leading them on their health and wellness journeys. Together with my clients, we formulate goals and I lead them in successfully reaching each goal.  

As a health coach, I recognize and believe in individuality.  Everybody's body is different.  I work with each client to best form plans and goals for the individual.  No one plan works for everybody.  This journey is about my individual client!  I teach my clients to love who they are and walk away from the destruction of comparison.  

I love watching my clients find their voices and feel empowered.  I find joy in leading people to fulfillment and watching them become the people they were created to be.  

If you are ready to begin a health and wellness journey, fill out the contact form on my homepage.  We will schedule a free consultation and you will be on your way to newness - newness in mind, body, and spirit.  I look forward to talking with you very soon!