Health Coaching Services

  Are you searching for a new path for your health and wellness journey?  Are you ready to make some changes but aren't sure where to begin?  Are you frustrated with how you feel and need someone to help guide you and empower you?                                                                                                      

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I would love to work with you and empower you on your journey.  Together we will create a wellness plan that best suits you and your goals.

As your health coach, I will assist you in determining your wellness goals.  Once we have set goals, I will meet with you on a regular schedule and encourage you forward.  I will provide you with tips, recipes, stress relievers, encouragement, exercises, sleep advice, and more.

I meet my clients in person, as well as on the telephone and facetime.  You can determine how often you prefer to meet.  Email and text correspondence are unlimited, as I am always available to assist my clients.

My services:
  1. The initial consultation is free.  After the consultation, you decide if my services are what you are seeking.
  2.  Once you decide that you would like us to work together, we will discuss goals and form a plan of action.  I will provide you with all you need to accomplish your goals and find success.
  3.  I offer 2 options:
  •  Weekly scheduled meeting for $100 a month
  •  Biweekly scheduled meeting for $50 a month

    I typically meet with my clients for 3 months, with evaluations and changes made once a month if necessary.  If we determine that you would like to continue after 3 months, that is perfectly fine.  I am with you for as long as you desire.  I am here to encourage you forward and provide the tools necessary for optimal success and empowerment.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please fill out the contact form on my home page.  I look forward to leading you on your wellness journey and watching you grow and thrive.  I believe in you!!